Creditor Rights

Silvestri Gidvani has an extremely efficient and comprehensive creditor rights practice. We were founded to help creditors navigate the complex minefield that is collections and foreclosure in Nevada. We provide clients with advice on various foreclosure and collection issues, and pay particularly close attention to ongoing legislative changes both state and nationwide.  Our experienced attorneys handle the following areas of creditor rights law:

  • File lawsuits and use other legal collection techniques to collect consumer debts (i.e., debts owed by individuals)
  • File lawsuits and use other legal collection techniques to collect commercial debts (i.e. debts owed by businesses)
  • Represent creditors’ interests in a bankruptcy proceedings
  • Foreclose homes or commercial real estate if the purchaser defaults on payment
  • Recover (or replevin) secured goods (e.g., automobiles) if the purchaser defaults on payment

As accomplished creditors rights attorneys, we believe that efficiently and effectively finding solutions to our clients’ legal issues begins with an in-depth understanding of our clients themselves.  The clients who put their trust in our attorneys care deserve to work with professionals who are available, easy to communicate with, and responsive.  Our attorneys are available at any time to handle our clients’ needs.  We know our clients and their needs, and will work tirelessly to meet those needs in the most equitable way possible. 

A Boutique Law Firm with a Personal Touch.