Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential tool to protect the assets you have built for your family.  Estate planning is a necessity for anyone who wishes to have a choice in what happens to his or her assets in the event of death.  The attorneys of Silvestri Gidvani can ensure that assets are transferred into the hands of the family members or charities you designate rather than to government coffers. 

Most people incorrectly believe that estate plans are only for those with large estates.  The simple fact is that everyone needs an estate plan.  An estate plan will provide for the care of your children (both financially and legally), and plan for the management of your financial affairs so your family isn’t burdened with worrying about it.  No matter your age, an estate plan will ensure that your desires are met, while protecting your assets from taxes, probate fees, and unnecessary additional attorneys fees.

Estate planning also ensures that your wishes are complied with if you become incapacitated.  A proper estate plan will dictate when you should receive life-sustaining support, what types of medical intervention you should be given, and who gets to make decisions for you.  These decisions are extremely difficult for families to make, and can lead to litigation in the case of a dispute.  At Silvestri Gidvani, we can ensure your wishes are respected.

An estate plan can be as simple as a basic will, or can be complex with multiple trusts and other specialized estate planning devices.  At Silvestri Gidvani, we will tailor your estate plan to your desires and ensure that your desires are followed to the greatest extent of the law.  We will help your loved ones avoid the lengthy probate process, and minimize the stress on your family after your loss. 

At Silvestri Gidvani we know that you want to focus on life, not on making your estate plan.  We make the estate planning experience positive and informative so you can enjoy life, confident that your family’s needs are provided for.  Contact us today to discuss what we can do to give you and your family peace of mind.  

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