Foreclosure & Foreclosure Mediation

Nevada foreclosure law and foreclosure mediation rules are ever-changing. Silvestri Gidvani, P.C. is at the forefront of interpreting and implementing such changes.  Our attorneys serve as Nevada Supreme Court appointed foreclosure mediators, and Phillip Silvestri, Esq. serves as a member of the Foreclosure Mediation Program Advisory Committee.  Mr. Silvestri, working as a committee member, routinely advises the Nevada Supreme Court on ways to better implement mediation rules and regulations.  Our firm also routinely meets with state legislatures offering amendments to and comments on new and amended foreclosure legislation.

We have experience in all aspects of foreclosure; from large commercial foreclosures to volume residential foreclosures.  Our firm also works with all types of lenders from small credit unions to Fortune 500 institutions.  We do not limit ourselves to working directly with prime lenders.  We have significant experience representing foreclosure trustees and secondary lenders as well.  Our litigation team also works hand-in-hand with our bankruptcy and workout professionals, as these disciplines often intersect during the process.

In 2009, the State of Nevada passed Assembly Bill 149 implementing one of the first foreclosure mediation programs in the county.  A number of states have adopted this program and implemented their own foreclosure mediation programs. To date, our firm has handled over 2,000 foreclosure mediations in both Nevada and Washington and our attorneys remain some of the most experienced foreclosure mediation attorneys in the country.  Furthermore, our in-depth experience with foreclosure mediations allow our attorneys to achieve successful outcomes a majority of the time and reduce the time it takes for our clients to achieve a successful resolution.  Our attorneys would be happy to discuss our foreclosure and mediation techniques and discuss the best way to help you company achieve greater efficiency and success.

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