The lending landscape in Nevada is ever-changing.  On September 18, 2014, in SFR Investment Pool 1 v. U.S. Bank, N.A., a 4-3 split decision, the Nevada Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling in which they determined that an HOA foreclosure could eliminate a first deed of trust.  Silvestri Gidvani opened their HOA Foreclosure Protection Service in response to this ruling, which aims to eliminate further losses to lenders.

Our HOA Foreclosure Protection Service monitors individual properties for delinquent assessment liens or other signs of an impending HOA foreclosure.  Silvestri Gidvani believes it is the first law firm to offer this type of service in Nevada.  Our proprietary procedures allow us to efficiently monitor thousands of properties for signs of a forthcoming HOA foreclosure thus allowing us to protect lenders from potentially huge losses through our HOA Foreclosure Protection Service for a nominal fee.  The service is available to all lenders and investors who loan on homes in common interest communities.

It is imperative that lenders and investors immediately seek to protect their security interests from HOA Foreclosures.  Please contact us to arrange a consultation so that we may assess your risk.  


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