Squatter Removal

Squatters are a nightmare. Silvestri Gidvani’s attorneys are experienced in squatter removal and the new Nevada laws that provide for expedited removal of squatters, so that you can retake possession of your home as soon as four days after referral to our office.  We attempt to make this process as quick and painless as possible to ensure the enjoyment of your home or rental property again. 

“Squatter” is a term used to refer to someone who is living in your home without your permission.  A squatter may be someone who has broken and entered into a property without permission, but the definition is a bit broader than that.  It encompasses virtually all situations where the owner didn’t give permission for someone to enter the house.  This applies even if the occupants were victims of a fraudulent rental scheme.  If you didn’t authorize someone to be in the house, then they are unauthorized, and you can remove them!

Nevada law now allows for removal by arrest or court order (sometimes both).  Silvestri Gidvani works with the applicable courts and law enforcement offices to effectuate fast removal of squatters.  While the process is fast, it is technical, and there are other provisions of the law that require certain actions by the owner/agent that must be done in short time-frames to ensure proper removal.  Silvestri Gidvani will ensure that these processes are strictly followed to avoid any basis for contesting removal of the squatters.  Silvestri Gidvani also coordinates with local agents to ensure that the personal property left behind is properly dealt with, and your home is properly secured. 

If you have squatters in your house, we encourage you to contact us immediately. 

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